Never Give Up


Sometimes it is hard to walk in faith and believe that all will work out. I know that faith without works is dead. I knew I needed a job to sustain myself independently especially living here in NY. I prayed to God asking what I wasn’t doing to fulfill my end of pleasing him. I was getting weary and ready to call the moving company to come home. I was still interning and it was pleasing but it is 30 miles from home and gas is going up. I was called for another internship position and an interview from a temp agency.
I ended up with an afternoon position for a temp agency and two internships. My life was crazy. My schedule was on Monday and Tuesday leave home at 8:10 to be at my first internship from 9-2pm. Leave there to arrive at my job at 2:30 eat lunch in my car. Clock in at 2:50pm and work until 9pm to make it back home by 9:40pm. So in Wednesday to Friday, I left home at 10:00 for my 2nd internship from 10:30 to 1:30pm. I drove to my job and ate in my car around 2:20pm. And get home at 9:40pm. I was exhausted every night. My first weekend I didn’t get out of bed until afternoon. I was driving through three counties and putting gas in my car twice a week and paying a meter at my second internship. I wanted to quit and that was for one week. I had to endure because I was fighting for my dream career but I needed a miracle. I ended up complaining Janica one morning and felt bad after I was finished. I was being a brat and cried in my car before entering my internship.
I went in and was introduced to the founder of the company. He wanted to meet me before I left. During the meeting, he asked me to be his executive assistant. I was floored. I could begin that Monday. So I could stopped working at the afternoon job and my other internship. I would still be able to fulfill the duties of my internship within the company as long as I completed the tasks he had for me to complete. So just like that a miracle was waiting for me after I complained. My career is beginning and I am so elated. I just wanted to update you on my transition and how to never give up on your dreams. God shows up right on time and it is not on our timetable.