Ending Blog 


Sometimes I want to change the website of my blog. I began it as a way to chart my journey to fitness, then natural hair, to leaving education and beginning a new career. I felt like it was time to start a new blog. 

Transitioningtiffany.com was a way to show my transition in many areas of my life. Then I was wondering if someone will think my blog is about transitioning genders. Then I was wondering if I should just close it all together.  

I thought back to why I chose this title.  I am ever transitioning in life whether its fitness, my hair, career or self. I will keep the name and continue to embrace it. I am currently transitioning to learning myself and getting to know me again. It’s time to be selfish and evolve into someone I like and be proud of this new person.

Thank you to all who has been on this journey or those who transitioning in any area of life.