Ending Blog 


Sometimes I want to change the website of my blog. I began it as a way to chart my journey to fitness, then natural hair, to leaving education and beginning a new career. I felt like it was time to start a new blog. 

Transitioningtiffany.com was a way to show my transition in many areas of my life. Then I was wondering if someone will think my blog is about transitioning genders. Then I was wondering if I should just close it all together.  

I thought back to why I chose this title.  I am ever transitioning in life whether its fitness, my hair, career or self. I will keep the name and continue to embrace it. I am currently transitioning to learning myself and getting to know me again. It’s time to be selfish and evolve into someone I like and be proud of this new person.

Thank you to all who has been on this journey or those who transitioning in any area of life. 


2 thoughts on “Ending Blog 

  1. Angela Dunlap

    Hey girl! It has been a long time since we talked. I am so happy for YOU! Reading your some of your blogs brought me to tears. But while I was typing I thought why are you crying and feeling sorry for her. I should have tears of joy for you. It took a lot for you to step out in Faith. You let the Lord guide your path and everything is working out because you listened to him speaking to you!!!!! You made me think of the quote “The Lord does not give you more then you can handle”. Girl you handling it. Wish all the happiness in the world!!!!!

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