The Beginning


I decided to start writing about the different transitions occurring in my life. I will cover many different phases that I have been going through. Well for starters, I’m Tiffany Davis, I have relocated to NYC from Detroit almost two years ago.  It was a journey that I never could have imagined. It is so true to never say never. I used to say I can’t stand the east coast and would never move there, especially NYC. Well look where I am now, on the east coast and in NYC. I guess the joke is on me. God knows best and he takes care of babies and fools. In this case, I am the fool and He has definitely taken care of me. But at that time in my life, I was exactly where I should be and was not mature enough to embrace change and separation from my family. I needed them like you need air to breath. I hadn’t realized how much I needed them. I had a career in teaching making pretty good money. I was still in need of nurturing and had a lot of lessons to learn. I had to grow within myself.


23 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Julia Williams

    Congratulations Tiff! I’m here to support you, read, give my opinion and embrace information! Love you girl! Juju

  2. Natoya

    Welcome to the east coast Tiffany and it has been nice meeting you. Hope your journey will bring you much success and happiness.

  3. Tauheedah Hassan

    that’s also have a similar journey left Detroit in 2007 have been in Orlando Florida for the last past 7 years never thought that I would leave Detroit was a d-girl for life funny how life is.

  4. aaron j

    Tiff its God in you to step beyond your own comprehension to allow Him to guide your life. Im glad to see you decided to share one of his many gifts bestowed upon….keep writing

  5. Erick Haynes

    I love this…I have been thinking of blogging for years. …I’ve opted to journal my thoughts…I think I might give this a try. ….thanks for the nudge. …I look forward to following your journey. …

  6. Kenya

    I’m very proud of your spiritual growth and awareness. For only GOD knows of the plans that he has for you. Through your testimony you will be a blessing to someone else. Love ya Tiff!!

  7. Keep going Tiffany, I went through the same thing. I transitioned from Detroit
    As well 4 years ago. I wax so very scared of “The change”, for me myself and my children. Failure always seemed close by, I said it say the devil is on standby waiting for me to fail. We went to school together, and you were very dedicated to whatever you wanted in life. A smile that was worth a million bucks. I will follow you and pray for your happy ending.

  8. christopher vancleave

    Nice job Tiff, good way to get off a greater start. Keep up the thinking and acting on what you love to do. Which is to beter you by learning and growing.

    • Sarah

      Tiffany I certainly enjoyed reading about y transitioning, very heart touching & I especially love that you think of God for allow you strength & courage to make your life changes. Please keep writing, I will keep reading. Love, Sarah y other mom

  9. Tanisha

    May God continue to bless you. I’m proud of you. Many have dreams and inspirations, but few have the faith and courage to believe and follow them. There’s so many people who will be inspired by your testimony. Tell your story so others may be blessed. I can’t wait for the rest! Muuuuaaaah.

  10. Qiana B.

    Tiffany, this is great! I’m very excited about where your journey is leading you towards (more greatness). I look forward to reading more excerpts. 🙂

  11. soldierforjesus

    That was beautiful. Im looking forward to your journey. May God Bless you each and every step of the way. Love you (NIna)

  12. Regina

    Wow Tiffany! I’m am very proud of you. You inspire me more than you know. Keep dreaming, praying, and following your heart. I will always support you. Remember YOLO!

  13. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing Tiffany! I enjoyed reading and look forward to hearing more from you. It has been a pleasure meeting you, since you came to NY.

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