Single and Satisfied……..For Now


Well the title sounds like such a cliché, it may be for some. At this stage in my life, living a truly single life is the only way for me. I need to figure my life out,  career wise, location and spiritually. I knew when I moved to NYC, I didn’t want to date anyone. This is my time to figure myself out. I don’t like when I go against my own agenda or focus. I was the new eye candy on the block when I first arrived. I was very flattered by the response but didn’t put too much effort into dating anyone. I then was talked into online dating. It was ok but not for me. I met some very interesting men here in NYC but they were not my cup of tea. Although I did meet a great guy, friendship is all that we can offer each other right now. Such a breath of fresh air.

I need to figure myself out. I’m not interested in being distracted by attending to some else’s needs and desires. I have to put myself first. Selfish is the way things have to be for me now. I can’t stand the questions, who are you dating, why aren’t you dating, how are the guys in New York, you shouldn’t be single. Its a choice, a lifestyle that I am whole heartedly embracing now. Work has to be done on Tiffany before I will share myself, feeling, and space with another man. So Team Single is very satisfying to me.   


7 thoughts on “Single and Satisfied……..For Now

  1. Qiana

    Continue to do you & keep God first. I believe we all should have a period in our life where we focus on ourselves 100%. It’s an opportunity for growth, soul searching, & new discoveries.

  2. I applaud you Tiffany. As you continue to build and focus on your life’s desires and achieve them, I’m sure you will be a better you and this will only make you a better partner/friend when you ready to engage in a dating relationship. You are being honest with yourself for the present, and future. Jesus walked alone to acquire his goal and I’m sure you will meet your desires and be successful. The best thing is God will be walking along with you.. Take care, and much success!!

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