Running Woman



This fall I decided to do something for me. I gave my first year in NYC to work, now I want to do something for me. So I always wanted to live in the suburbs and take a morning run through the neighborhood. So I met this guy, I was telling that I was going to focus on myself and do something I always wanted to do which is run. Running is so scary to get into but I was ready for the challenge. My friend was very supportive to listen to my hopes and fears. Well my friend was on a running team until he was injured recently. So he advised me to get a great pair of running shoes and sports bra. So that weekend I had a physical appointment, afterwards I went to the mall and bought two pair of sneakers and a sports bra. If you know me, I just can’t get any sports bra, I need something to hold me down and not hurt or bounce all over the place. So I headed to Nordstrom’s and found the perfect bra. I was set. I downloaded the app couch to 5K. I walked the park to map my route,

The next morning, I began my first run. I was excited and it was fun. I also made sure I was eating more often because working out you need your fuel. I never ate bad just not enough. I went to the doctor for my results.  I was informed that my blood pressure and blood sugar was Very high. I was shocked but optimistic towards the results. I was determined to combat high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. So I ate more vegetables and ran three days a week for the 9 weeks of couch to 5K dropped 20lbs and diabetes. So no more medicine, I astonished my physician and we still can’t figure out how to lower my blood pressure. I still battle that but it is down a lot and I don’t use salt on any of my food. I am determined to not use any medicine. I still love to run and try to run 3 days a week whether it’s on the treadmill or track. I love the track, the air is fresh and the scenery changes.


5 thoughts on “Running Woman

  1. hatari

    I’m inspired to get out there and run myself and get a check up…
    I’m glad ur ok and keep doing what u love to do more people should too…

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